The Best Dota 2 Beginner Heroes to Play in Patch 7.21

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  First things firt, Dota 2 beginner heroes don’t really exist.

  Because of how unnecessarily complicated the game is, what with the lack of defined roles and how the beginner experience is just plain non-existent, playing any hero in Dota 2 can prove to be quite a challenge. But, as complicated the game and its heroes may be, there are a couple who, although not easy to play by any means, have mechanics and gameplay that are far more forgiving for players who are just starting out.

  With the arrival of a new patch in 7.21, we decided to take the time to list all of the Dota 2 beginner heroes that we believe should make your journey in?Dota 2 a lot more bearable.

  One of the oldest heroes in the game, Sven is a strength hero who can fill in all types of roles. Although pros are favouring him as a support these days,?Sven?has seen play as an offlaner and a carry in recent times.

  For beginners, he’s the perfect hero to start learning with. He’s tanky, so you won’t be punished so easily for your mistakes. At the same time, his normal attacks are quite strong, and he can farm fast as well.

  The best part is that his abilities are pretty straightforward. Sven has an AoE stun in Storm Hammer and an AoE armor/movement speed buff in?Warcry.? This gives him both a means of escape and a means to initiate. He’s also capable of farming fast with Great Cleave, which spreads his damage in front of him in the shape of an “isosceles trapezoid”. Finally, his ultimate, God’s Strength, grants him a massive damage and health increase, making him either a tanky support who can deal a lot of damage or a tanky damage dealer who can clear entire teams with literally just a few swings.

  With the most recent patch giving him a +15 movement speed buff, Sven now has a default movement speed of 310, which is great for a hero whose biggest weakness is being kited around.

  Lifestealer’s other skills are Rage, which renders him immune to spells and 100% resistant to magic damage while also increasing his attack speed, and Feast, which grants him lifesteal (4% at max level, or 5% with talent).

  Lifestealer’s generous starting armor and HP (2.88 armor and 700 HP), as well as 310 movement speed, makes him one of the speediest and tankiest carries around, and because he has a lot of sustain in the lane, you won’t have to go back to the fountain to heal up as often. Also, because high HP heroes are currently in the meta, his percentage-based damage also makes him a viable pick, even when playing against better opponents.

  If you want a straight-up brawler, no Dota 2 beginner heroes are better than Lifestealer right now.

  Another brawler, Ursa is a good alternative to Lifestealer in case you have gotten bored of just straight up going into fights. Even if Ursa’s playstyle is relatively the same, he accomplishes it differently.

  For starters, Ursa doesn’t have the sustain that Lifestealer has. He does, however, have a guaranteed movement speed AoE slow that deals huge damage with Earthshock and a skill that grants him a +400 attack speed bonus for 7 attacks in Overpower. His skill, Fury Swipes, also makes each successive attack deal more damage, allowing him to take down enemy heroes, especially supports, with relative ease. Finally, just like Lifestealer, he can just come in and shrug off any kind of damage with Enrage.

  Although his ultimate,?Enrage, doesn’t render him spell immune like Lifestealer, it is essentially a “get out of jail free” card that negates 80% of incoming damage 4 for seconds (5.5 when upgraded with talents) that also allows him to have 80% status resistance when upgraded. Perhaps more importantly is that you can use Enrage even while disabled (stunned, silenced, etc) if you have an Aghanim’s Scepter!

  As an added bonus, Ursa can be played in various roles. However, the best way to learn the hero is to play him as a carry, although you can play Ursa in the jungle at your own risk.

  As an Agility hero that received a massive movement speed boost in patch 7.21 — and the subsequent movement speed nerf to ranged heroes — Ursa is a beginner-friendly hero that’s relatively strong in the current meta.

  One recurring theme in our Dota 2 beginner heroes recommendation is that we emphasize heroes that are tanky and can get away with making a lot of mistakes. This is because, as beginners, mistakes are pretty much expected. Playing a hero like Lina and Weaver, for example, who are squishy and have very little impact when playing from behind, is not conducive to a beginner’s learning experience.

  With that said, if you want to learn how to play as a support without necessarily dying first all the time, Ogre Magi is the best hero for you.

  Easily one of the tankiest early-game heroes in Dota 2, the twin-headed ogre might be slow, but he’s not easy to kill. His skills, which includes a 1.5-second stun with an 8-second cooldown in Fireblast and a Damage Over Time (DoT) that has a slow in Ignite, makes him a bully in the lane. Meanwhile, his other skill, Bloodlust, buffs him up (and his allies), allowing him to hit fast. This, paired with his relatively high starting attack damage, makes him a nuisance in the lane.

  Finally, his ultimate, Multicast, is essentially a luck-based skill that allows him to cast multiple instances of his skill. Even if it’s not 100% guaranteed, a lucky Fireblast or two in a teamfight can make a lot of difference.

  As a hero that you can play successfully without even hitting a single creep, Ogre Magi is great for beginners who want to play as a support and roam around the map.

  There you have it, the four?Dota 2?beginner heroes that, we believe, make for the best heroes for beginners this patch 7.21.

  Of course, you’re free to experiment, and with more than 120 heroes to tinker with, we encourage you to do exactly just that. But, if you want to learn heroes that will teach you the basics of the game without necessarily punishing you for your mistakes, look no further. These heroes are just tanky enough to let you play through your mistakes while also possessing kits that allow you to make an impact, pretty much the entire game, especially in the current meta.

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  What do you think are other beginner Dota 2 beginner heroes that’s best for those who are still new to the game? Do you agree that these four are beginner-friendly and strong in the current meta? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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